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How Best to Use Event Airtime as an Exhibitor

Procuring an airtime package at an event is a great way of showing off your brand in its best light, while staying up to date with the current digital trends and gathering dynamic content which can be used in your marketing strategy post-event.

But once you’ve made the decision to invest in an airtime package how can you ensure that you make the most of the opportunity pre, during and post-event? As the digital network partner for some of the world’s biggest events and exhibitions, we have worked closely with exhibitors and organisers, in helping them to make the most of their airtime packages. Here are some of the top tips we use everyday, to ensure exhibitors have the chance to get the most benefit from event airtime:

Short, sharp stings

In most airtime packages you’ll have a set amount of time you can use to create content for your brand. Break this package down into 30 second stings, rather than a full piece of 3 or 4 minutes. These short, sharp chunks of content will be much more dynamic and appealing than a long feature. This format will also be the optimal length across social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where shorter content is shown to have more appeal.

Multiple messaging

Use the airtime opportunity to create content that shows off multiple brand messages. This will allow you to promote various products and services and provide a range of messages that are personalised to your key audiences.

Create CTAs

Use the realtime opportunity to create call to actions that could draw people to your stand. A simple message at the end of your sting will encourage attendees to visit your booth and find out more about your company or take part in any competitions or promotions you are running. Use clear directives that are memorable and easily followed and then get ready to facilitate the increased footfall during the show.

Evergreen content

An event is an opportunity to show off the best of your company; where your staff are at their smartest, your products at their most pristine, on a stand that shows off your brand in its best light. Take advantage of this to captivate an audience within your airtime package. Use the stand as your backdrop to create live demos, testimonials with your top clients and interviews with executives from your company, ensuring that you make the most of all being in the same place at the same time.

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The power of digital

Take advantage of the benefits of digital content and screen networks, where the content you produce in your airtime slot can be changed daily or even hourly and your brand messaging can be updated in realtime. Use this opportunity to announce news, release products and create dynamic digital content that will make the most of digital billboards that may be positioned throughout the event.

If you’re looking for a digital content partner or airtime solution for your next event or exhibition presence get in touch with our team at info@smart-digital.co.uk

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The Benefits of a Digital Network at Your Event

With every event, there are multiple places you could choose to invest your event budget.

From the practical (venue, speakers, booths) to the required (catering, registration, sales) through to the ‘novelty’ (sleeping pods, foam fingers, bouncy castle), there are a myriad of options that could enhance your event in some way. The result, is that you have to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of each option, to ensure that you get the most value for the spend with every option.

Here, we look at the benefits of choosing to invest in a digital network.

What is a digital network?

A digital network like our Event TV solution, enables organisers to have their own dynamic content channel broadcast throughout an event or exhibition, through a network of cutting edge screens (indoor and outdoor), mobile devices and event apps. This network can showcase a variety of content, anything from daily highlights from the show, interviews with key exhibitors and speakers, to social media feeds. Its aim is to create engaging content, provide a rich source of information and give event partners the chance to promote themselves in synergy with the show itself.

The benefits:

Wow factor

A digital network brings an event alive and creates a wow factor that just can’t be achieved with static billboards alone. Many of the people at your event will be digital natives; used to touchscreens, viewing their information on a mobile device and connecting with video content. A digital network ensures that your event concourse is enclosed in interesting, relevant and on-brand digital content that the event visitor can connect with; through the medium most convenient to them, whether that be screen, tablet or mobile app.

An immersive experience

A digital screen network brings together every element of the event. It joins up the live event experience, the online website, event apps and the digital signage around the event. This creates an immersive stream of filtered information that allows you to communicate with attendees and really captivate them in the moment of the event. The boundaries of a digital network are endless – content can be broadcast to screens inside the event, outside of the event, in nearby hotels and of course, to mobile devices. This helps you to raise your audience and get more eyeballs on the content for you and your event partners.

Realtime messaging

The thing about events is: they’re live. Which means you have to be constantly reactive to changes, updates and news in order to stay ahead of the flow. This is where a digital screen network really comes into its own as you have the ability to update schedule times, breakout rooms, news and social media in realtime, throughout the entire event. Messaging can be sent to specific areas, allowing you to communicate a message to one conference and something entirely different to another.

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Advertising messaging

A digital screen network gives you the opportunity to offer engaging, advertising sponsorships and deals to your event partners, which will help them to engage with their target audience in a meaningful way. The reach of the content, and therefore the opportunity, is also extended as viewers throughout the event, at home, on the move and in local hotels all gain access to exclusive content which allows them to become a part of the event.

Capturing content

Within our Event TV package, all of the content is captured and designed so that it can be used at a later date. This creates vibrant content during your event but also ensures that when the event ends, you have enough material to continue connecting with your target audience throughout the rest of the year. This content will be both relevant to the event; with exhibitor interviews, timelapse footage and daily highlights but also relevant post-event; with exclusive footage, thought-leader interviews and advertising packages.

For more information on installing a digital network at your event, talk to our team at info@smart-digital.co.uk


Smart AV announces the launch of the Incredible Pixel Group

Leading AV specialist Smart AV today announces the launch of the Incredible Pixel Group (IPG).

IPG is a full-service technology solutions provider that brings together the company’s four primary business divisions, namely Smart AV, Smart Digital, Smart Solutions and Poken, to deliver a suite of smart, interactive, digital products, technology and services to events around the world.

All divisions are based at the company’s new 40,000 square foot HQ in Harlow with a new client showroom for product demonstrations and clean space to house over 5,000 square foot of creative LED.

Darren Poultney, Managing Director of Smart AV and Founder of the new IPG, says: “Over the past decade we have developed an in-depth knowledge of client requirements when it comes to technology at events. Our skillset and product range has continued to evolve over this period and the new Incredible Pixel Group brand reflects our extensive range of products and services delivered by our component divisions.

“We have been known as an expert AV company and we will continue to focus on that market in addition to offering our broader technology solutions under the IPG banner. I am proud of the team behind our continued success and delighted to be unveiling this new identity that is a more accurate reflection of our business in 2015.”

The four divisions of IPG will continue to operate in their respective specialist areas. In the AV space, Smart AV will continue to offer LED, multi-touch and audio visual solutions for the events marketing space. Its offering ranges from indoor and outdoor LED and multi-touch video walls through to smaller LED and LCD displays and IT equipment.

Smart Solutions has been formed solely to work with production agencies and bespoke stand builders  where a higher spec and more complex equipment requirement is needed. The team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of LED, projection and media server techniques.

In terms of digital media, Smart Digital provides comprehensive media solutions for event organisers and venues through Event TV, a broadcast medium which delivers videos, live interviews and show reels that can be used throughout the marketing life-cycle of an event, providing online content and supporting social media campaigns.

IPG will offer a range of revenue generation and digital networking opportunities for exhibition and event organisers via its Poken division. Poken is a digital, green event suite that provides networking, lead generation and engagement solutions to the events industry. Poken’s range of products and services includes registration and badging, web and mobile apps, digital document collection, gamification, full metrics reporting, meeting planning and match making.

IPG’s new website at: www.ipgroup.co.uk is now live