Video content helps aerospace businesses take off

In an increasingly connected world, video has a huge part to play in communicating messages quickly to audiences.

While a picture tells a thousand words, the value of video has the potential to run into many millions. Video provides a particularly powerful tool for aerospace and defence industries, providing an opportunity to showcase innovative product features and complex engineering concepts from flying cars to lower emission propulsion systems.

The value of video to convey messages is increased further through the number of social platforms available, taking your new products and technologies to the news feeds of audiences across the globe.

From cockpit tours to private jet showrounds, simulator demonstrations to flypasts, Smart Digital has many years of experience filming editorial and commercial content for the aerospace and defence industries. 

We’ve worked with industry leaders including Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, Bombardier and Embraer, helping to explain the role of aircraft components and the time-saving potential of supersonic travel. Our crews have captured the expertise and experiences of CEOs, engineers, fighter jet pilots, rocket scientists and astronauts along the way. We’re also screen and broadcast partners for Dubai Airshow TV and DSA TV.

Here are five ways that aerospace and defence companies can reap the benefits of using video to communicate their brand messaging and products to customers around the globe audience:

1) Zone in on your product features

Using video enables potential customers to get a close up view of your company’s products, applications and unique features and hear more about the technologies behind them.

Combining visual imagery with audio creates a superior understanding of your products and their capabilities, making it many times more powerful than using a written or verbal description.

2) Use video to simplify complex information

Video helps potential customers to deepen their understanding of product benefits and applications.

While interviews and audio can provide verbal explanations, graphics, animations and 3D models can all be incorporated into video content. These additional visual aids provide an extra layer of detail which can help explain or simplify the benefits of a concept, product or technology.

3) Enhance your brand image

Using visually compelling video content positions your brand as innovative and forward-thinking.

Video can also be used to explain and convey detailed messaging about your product’s technological advancements and performance, both of which are vital aspects for companies working within the aerospace and defence sector.

4) Shareable content helps you reach a wider audience…

Research according to Wyzowl shows the popularity of social media video-sharing platforms has not only increased, but is still rising. The report also found that video is fast becoming an expectation in helping inform customer decision-making processes.

Social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram have a global reach. Creating videos with impact which can be shared across your website and social channels enables you to communicate with audiences across the world, increasing awareness of your brand and products.

5) … and generates measurable results

Smart Digital ensured the capabilities of Embraer’s product line was showcased at Farnborough International Airshow 2018.

From inside the cockpit to landing, Smart Digital captured the manufacturer’s shark-faced E190E2 ProfitHunter, sleek business jet Legacy500 and military transport jet KC390 in action at the event. The video received more than 95,000 views on YouTube alone

Describing process of filming with Smart Digital as an “outstanding experience” João Marcos Massote, Brand Content Manager, Embraer explained: “We had to produce the video in a quick turnaround and we reached hundreds of thousands of views. The efficiency of the crew is amazing and the results are what you can see on our social media.”


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