Top tips for short video clips

The shift from desktop to mobile is one of the most significant technological trends of the past decade.

The change in how we consume social content has led to the rise of video led social channels such as TikTok which rocketed in popularity during the Covid pandemic. At a time when we were ordered not to leave our homes, TikTok’s dance challenges brought a bit of fun, helping to alleviate boredom and the lack of in-person connectivity during lockdown.

Other social platforms were quick to respond to the short form video trend: enter YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories as platforms raced to adapt to new viewing behaviours.

While the Covid pandemic is, thankfully, behind us, short form video is here to stay. Known as ‘snackable’ content, short video clips are suited not only to mobile phones but also to busy lives and short attention spans.

Like many social media trends, short form content has its origins in user-generated content. Among with branded video in general, short clips are now becoming more of an expectation to inform the buying processes of both B2C and B2B consumers.

Smart Digital works across the full spectrum of video content production, from social clips to full broadcast studio set ups and livestreaming. Our shoot and edit capability enables you to post professionally produced clips filmed at your event, which can be turned around in as little as an hour.

Producing short social clips enables our clients to keep their social channels up-to-date, sharing the buzz around their event and sharing key learnings from inside the conference as they happen.

Here are our three top tips for short clips…

1) Zone in on the detail… one aspect at a time

Telling the story of your event – even through short clips – gives your audience a better idea of the benefits of attending or sponsoring. Whether it’s the journey from registration into the plenary hall, a focus on the speaker line up or the networking opportunities available, Smart Digital can help you to plan and create a series of short reels which put the focus on what makes your event unique.

2) Share breaking news

Social clips can be used to share breaking news from your event. Smart Digital can produce clips which meet the specifications of your preferred social platforms.

Short clips can also be used to complement and promote longer-form video interviews or edits which can be produced for your website. Short clips can be used as ‘teasers,’ linking them back to a link on your website, giving more background, analysis or explanation..

FINN Clip – Rolls Royce announcement

3) Add a bit of fun

Give visitors a different view of your event. We can suggest creative solutions, interview questions or edits for videos that take your viewer for a peek behind the scenes or focus on the lighter aspects of your event..

Introduce viewers to the people that create your event. You can even create your own event crew TikTok dance or song.

Fluffed what you were supposed to say? That’s material for a short bloopers reel. Smart Digital ensures no filming opportunity is wasted!


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