How to use event TV as part of a year-round engagement strategy

Using event TV allows you to capture the knowledge of your expert speakers and the topics that really matter to your attendees.

The immediacy of event TV makes it the ideal medium for sharing everything that’s happening with on-site attendees and beyond. But it can also add impact to your longer term digital marketing strategies, helping you prepare for future event marketing cycles and pre-show planning activities. By using video you can demonstrate the quality and value of the thought-leadership available at your event to prospective visitors.

Smart Digital works closely with our clients’ marketing teams, ensuring their objectives are aligned to their event TV programme. We ask clients to consider elements they can capture on video which will be useful to customers in three, or even 12 months’ time. Footage capturing these elements, which stay continually relevant to customers or clients, is known as ‘evergreen’ content. Following production, these videos can be published or distributed by the client within their digital marketing strategies and content plans


Read on below for the Smart Digital approach to creating video content with long term staying power

1) Plan ahead

Develop a long-term content plan based on the insights you intend to capture at your event

2) Keep it fresh

Produce evergreen, thought-leadership content for your digital channels which captures the knowledge of the experts you have brought together. Evergreen content has no ‘sell by’ date – it stays continually relevant to your viewers. It is most effective for demonstrating the value of the event to future audiences and generating goodwill by delivering useful knowledge.

3) Vary your format

The content we capture for event TV mixes coverage of the event itself and interviews with experts on wider industry issues.

Smart Digital produces evergreen content in a number of formats for our clients. Here are a few of our favourites:

• Interviews with keynote speakers and industry experts

• ‘How to’ demonstrations

• First-hand testimonials from customers

• Event show reels

4) Share with your network

Connect your marketing and social media teams with your event TV supplier, enabling them to align their plans for maximum impact.

Smart Digital offers an end-to-end event TV and filming service enabling organisers to communicate with visitors in every corner of their event – from big screens to social media, complete content channels to email newsletters. Call us now to find out how we can help your brand make the most of its event presence.

Smart Digital’s expertise includes: project management; provision of cutting edge AV networks; filming and production; broadcast on web, social and partner media channels; commercial sales and on-site management. We also provide agencies with sophisticated video capture services on behalf of their clients.


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