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How to bring your brand content to life through video

According to the well known saying, a picture tells a 1,000 words.

Human beings are visual creatures. We gain more information from a photo or image that text alone. With the use of video on the rise, Forrester Research set out to quantify the information conveyed by video to bring this well known phrase right up-to-date. It’s formulas found that video was worth 1.8 million words.

Using video is an effective way of conveying your message which can use both speech and images, giving you the added dynamics of action, excitement and emotion. Add in an element of storytelling, and you have an engaging and memorable way of reaching out to your audience as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Video is becoming increasingly important for connecting your brand to your target clients and customers. It also gives your brand the opportunity of conveying your messages to potentially thousands – even millions – of viewers.

Research by Cisco has found that by 2020, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet. Cisco adds that by 2022, a staggering 82 per cent of all consumer web traffic will be video.

Events are a lively source of content. Product launches, major deals, speaker insights, networking and entertainment all take place within the backdrop of a single venue. Your business can create a whole series of videos ranging from key interviews and product demonstrations to event showreels and highlights.

Event video can help liven up your brand’s news feed immediately, through creation of up-to-the-minute coverage on product announcements or launches. Maximise return on investment from your event presence through creation of ‘evergreen’, longer lasting content which can be distributed across your media channels as part of your annual or longer term content plans.

Smart Digital will work with you to ensure your wider marketing goals are reflected at all stages of production – from content planning and pre-production to capturing and editing video footage. We can help your brand create dynamic content for all of your media channels – from video interviews and demonstrations to delivering a complete content channel service. As well as filming, we also have extensive experience of producing content across multiple formats, from magazine publishing to web channels and blogs. You can read more on how Smart Digital helped global aircraft manufacturer Embraer to achieve 2.17 million views over different channels in our project case study here.

Here are our top three tips for creating engaging video content for your brand:

1) Think like a ‘hero’ to engage your audience

Short, sharp video content created to create maximum audience impact is known as ‘hero’ content. At Smart Digital, we work with exhibition and conference organisers who hold multiple events throughout the year, creating continual channels of content. To engage your audience, think about creating content using a variety of formats. In the past year we’ve filmed speaker interviews, captured an entire exhibition floor in minutes using a high-speed ‘show-in-a-go’; filmed product explanations and aircraft flypasts.

2) Share your insights through video

Smart Digital works with brands and organisers, to create videos for website ‘hub’ content. Hub content provides a useful knowledge base for visitors or customers, advising and informing viewers about your company or products. As well as being a useful tool, hub content videos can also provide an introduction to your brand values and demonstrate your credentials as thought leaders within your sector. Smart Digital can help your brand create thought-leadership video footage from the events you attend and assist, following post-production, in the strategic production of blog content and newsletters.

3) Explain your products

‘House cleaning’ content can be used to explain your products and cover specific company brand messages and digital reports. All of these can be delivered, via a web channel, to generate ongoing audience growth and a valuable database of opted-in contacts.

Smart Digital offers an end-to-end event TV and filming service enabling organisers to communicate with visitors in every corner of their event – from big screens to social media, complete content channels to email newsletters. Call us now to find out how we can help your brand make the most of its event presence.

Smart Digital’s expertise includes: project management; provision of cutting edge AV networks; filming and production; broadcast on web, social and partner media channels; commercial sales and on-site management. We also provide agencies with sophisticated video capture services on behalf of their clients.


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