Four ways to benefit from using local film crews at your event

Smart Digital produces event video on behalf of clients across the globe.

With trusted crew members located in the US and North America, Europe and the Middle East, Smart Digital’s local teams have been in action filming major B2B events including Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, VitaFoods in Switzerland, Arab Health and the Dubai Airshow in UAE and Digital Transformation World Asia in Bangkok. 

Using our local crews takes the hassle and time out of sourcing suitable video professionals close to your event venue. Our core crew of UK producers will provide the continuation of a main point of contact, working with our trusted international crews to create a seamless filming service, whichever country your event is based in.

We only use crew who are proven to possess the time management skills and attention to detail needed to deliver high quality event video and ensure a speedy turnaround.

Using crew who are local to your event venue, along with Smart Digital’s team of producers, will ensure your organisation benefits from the reliability, knowledge and creativity of our video content team, but also brings a few added bonuses for organisers.

Here are just a few…

1) Cultural considerations

Using local crews means that organisers can benefit from our video professionals’ knowledge about regional customs and cultural considerations. Any video content produced will adhere to these values.

2) Cost effective

Transport and accommodation costs can be reduced through using locally-based crews. Time spent on additional administration tasks, such as satisfying entry requirements, can also be reduced.

While the Covid pandemic is thankfully behind us, using crew already located within the country or region that your event is taking place in can bring greater reassurance that your video content will still be captured in the event of further travel restrictions.

3) More sustainable

Fewer flights and transfers also means fewer carbon emissions. This can help organisations who are focused on achieving sustainability goals and targets. It also means more of your event budget is spent locally

4) Avoid equipment shipping costs and paperwork

Filming and sound equipment are among the goods that need to be declared with duty paid if they are moved in and out of Great Britain. This applies even if goods are moved temporarily, for example to a trade show or event.

Using locally sourced crews and equipment means there’s no need to obtain export licences or navigate different global rules around how goods are declared.


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