Create a buzz with social clips

Short form or ‘snackable’ video content is ideal for reaching audiences via their mobiles.

Suitable for busy lives, short attention spans – and for reaching on-the-go event visitors – short form content can be used to give audiences a taster of the look and feel of your event, zone in on different experiences and features, highlight key quotes from speakers or provide a teaser to link to more in-depth interviews or content.

Short clips are an ideal way to interact with your audience via your social media channels, sharing the buzz around your event as well as highlighting key learnings from conference sessions as they happen.

Professionally produced clips can also enhance your visitor experience, give visitors a taste of what to expect and help you promote your event. As well as working across the full spectrum of video content, Smart Digital also works with brands to plan and create short reel series which put the focus on what makes your event unique.

We can help you maximise your event reach by creating short videos as a standalone deliverable or creating short form content from video content features such as speaker or exhibitor interviews.

From morning registration to conference and evening networking, our shoot and edit capability enables you to post professional clips which can be published to your social platforms in as little as an hour.

Here are few ways to use social clips within events…

1) Capture the atmosphere and action

Packing in action, entertainment, plus a few special visitors at iGB Affiliate in London ExCeL – and all in under 20 seconds

Capturing some of the action at iGB Affiliate 2024

2) Zone in on the details…

A narrative approach helps paint a (video) picture of how your attendees might experience your event…

Whether it’s the delegate journey from registration to opening networking or sessions or the quality of the speaker lineup, use social clips to tell a series of ‘mini stories’ about your event.

Delegate registration at HBI 2023

3) Share what your visitors think

Visitors are your event brand’s finest advocates. Get them to share their thoughts and experiences through short form testimonials – you can also use these in conjunction with longer form interviews or video features on your website.

Short testimonials were captured on camera at Top Drawer A/W 23

3) The latest news – direct to your audience’s feeds

The immediacy of social media makes it ideal for sharing breaking news from your event. Short clips can be edited for use as ‘teasers,’ linking back to your website for a longer video, giving more background, analysis or explanation.

4) Add some fun

Give your audience a different view of your event. We can suggest a range of creative approaches for a lighter focus – it could be a look behind the scenes, meeting your team or a series of edits helping the viewer to move around your event.

Fi Europe 2023 – Jump video

Jumping around the showfloor at Vitafoods 2023


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