5 ways to beat the disruption of COVID-19 through video

With coronavirus continuing to dominate the global news agenda, organisers are having to think on their feet to stay connected with their audiences and drive revenue through digital channels. Smart Digital’s video services help your content to reach and engage your target audience.

Smart Digital is working closely with its clients to keep conference and exhibitor content live during a rapidly evolving global situation. We offer a range of solutions, already in use under normal market conditions, which create engaging visual content for both organisers and exhibitors. Video sponsorship can also generate an additional revenue stream for your event alongside paid registrations.

Along with any financial implications of event postponement comes a loss of visibility. Many event brands are placed at the top of their industry’s news agenda for a period of just a few days every year or two years. Thought-leadership video solutions, both pre-recorded and live, are one of the most effective ways of maintaining visibility and connecting with audiences through to the event itself.

Here are our top five suggestions to ensure your content continues to engage your audience through video.

1) Use streaming to take dynamic content to remote delegates

Smart Digital specialises in running live streams from conferences and exhibitions. It’s a service we undertake at a global level. We can also operate streams from closed sessions and distribute these to larger audiences across the globe. And if speakers are unable to meet in person we can run a live link-up session, similar to a news programme, where 1-5 guests plus a host chat live on-screen and attendees join webinar-style. And everyone, including our vision mixer, can do this from their home or office without meeting in person.

All of these can be done via an access code so that streams are only available to registered attendees or to audiences who have paid to view.

We can also add recorded versions and integrate presentations so all content can be accessed on-demand.

Image taken from TM Forum social video on fighting epidemics with 5G, watch here

2) Stay social with video posts made for sharing

Events bring people together. Video posts are a lively and engaging way to keep your content fresh and your community engaged throughout the year, with your own content, and with news from your sponsors. Social video is made for sharing. We’ve been helping clients such as digital industry service provider association TM Forum devise and create videos which create an impact in a timescale of less than two minutes, such as this one. Social videos can tell a story using relevant stock footage and therefore can be handled without requiring any expensive filming or in-person contact. They work particularly well on channels such as LinkedIn and are amongst TM Forum’s most shared posts.

3) Guided interviews filmed by your sponsors of speakers, and edited by our experts, for your digital channels

Smart Digital can prepare and advise clients on how to set up and film interviews themselves which are then edited by our experts, for publishing on to an online event channel.

Our guidance includes simple do’s and don’ts and visual examples. Our producers both brief and undertake interviews remotely to ensure key points of the insight or announcement are included within your video. We then edit the video to ensure a professional product, adding branding and graphics where appropriate, before uploading videos reading for publication on your channels.

4) Regular newscast to your audiences

During this time of uncertainty, digital news channels are receiving unprecedented viewing numbers. We’re helping our clients to create regular newscasts to keep their industries updated and connected. We can create a short, punchy, highlights-style news episodes featuring general industry updates and we can also include sponsor content. The face of the programme can be one of our clients’ teams, one of our presenters, or we can use voiceover and text overlay. Whichever option chosen, consistency and continuity is key and our team will create and edit the videos to the highest standard, adding branded graphics, ready for broadcast across your website and social channels.

5) Tell your brand’s story or news through a documentary video

As well as helping you share insights, news and announcements at live events, Smart Digital can also help clients bring their brands to life by planning, scripting, filming and editing engaging, in-depth content. You can find an example of a report published on Mobile World Live here as presenter David McClelland takes a trip to Nanjing, Brussels and Rome to explore the efforts MWL’s client ZTE puts behind cybersecurity across its operations.

Smart Digital has six years of experience in helping clients to gain the most out of their video content – from big-screen live video feeds at events, to scheduling and implementing year-long content plans for digital channels.

Our commercial sales team also works with many events to turn their digital channels into income channels.

We’re happy to share our knowledge with you, so get in touch.

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