Video helps combine virtual and physical events

5 tips for using event video effectively in 2023

Unlike the past few years, 2023 is getting off to a roaring start with a packed agenda of events.

The pandemic forced face-to-face events to pivot to virtual and, while the human touch was lost, the shift in format brought other benefits. Hosting events on digital platforms meant video content was given the same on-demand accessibility as you’d expect from streaming services such as Netflix.

Video helped keep the event community together through the pandemic and has now shifted from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ for live events as well as their virtual counterparts. Capturing key insights and discussions from your events has also become a ‘must have’ for your event marketing strategy. 

Professionally produced video content can be rolled out during and after your event to keep it fresh in the minds of exhibitors and delegates. Use video to illustrate the breadth of news, insights and networking opportunities, from a studio panel interview set up or roving reporter crew to a vox pop at one of your social gatherings. Highlights and videos can be used to promote and build excitement for future event editions.

Video helps keep the conversations from your event flowing, extending your event lifecycle through sharing engaging interviews, insights and discussions on your social and digital platforms. 

Maximising your return on video investment is an achievable resolution for 2023. Here are some tips for using video effectively…

1) Make video an integral part of your content strategy

Liven up your annual content plan by including regular video interview posts or snippets recorded at your event, along with news, features and guest posts. Newspapers are all about the written word but use video where possible to add colour or context to the stories published on their online platforms.

2) Bring together online and on-site event strategies

Use video to reinforce your brand identity by using the same branding or studio set up for webinars and live event formats. Host videos recorded at both your live and virtual events on your digital platform and social feeds.

Merging images and graphics for MEBAA 2022

3) Use different approaches

Use video to present different viewpoints – as well as event content, you could also give viewers a tour behind the scenes. Use moving titles or graphics to explain what’s happening at your event for viewers who prefer to watch with the sound turned down.

4) Publish – and then publish again

Once you’ve published a video, think of other ways to maximise its usage. Can you collect videos into an insight hub or arrange them into playlists organised under different themes? Refer to the previous video in a written update post? Or select videos to include in an annual roundup of the year or flashback.

5) Add a bit of fun

Despite the packed events agenda, 2023 has started out on a serious note. If your take didn’t go to plan or your presenter’s gone off script, nothing is wasted. It’s all good material for the bloopers reel!


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