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The Importance of Capturing Evergreen Event Content: Part 1

Evergreen. It’s one of those marketing ‘buzzwords’ that seems to be used often, but what does it truly mean and how relevant is it to your event?   What makes event content evergreen? The difference between ‘evergreen’ and ‘non-evergreen’ content is that you can re-use and repurpose the former long after your event ends and…

Why Your Next Event Needs to be a Mobile Event

We live in an increasingly multi-screen world where mobile phones and tablets are replacing desktops and laptops as the go-to source for information, shopping, navigation and more. Within events, there is an extremely similar multi-channel process that attendees use throughout their event journey and it’s one that organisers need to cater to. The ‘mobile’ event…

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How Best to Use Event Airtime as an Exhibitor

Procuring an airtime package at an event is a great way of showing off your brand in its best light, while staying up to date with the current digital trends and gathering dynamic content which can be used in your marketing strategy post-event. But once you’ve made the decision to invest in an airtime package how can…

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The Benefits of a Digital Network at Your Event

With every event, there are multiple places you could choose to invest your event budget. From the practical (venue, speakers, booths) to the required (catering, registration, sales) through to the ‘novelty’ (sleeping pods, foam fingers, bouncy castle), there are a myriad of options that could enhance your event in some way. The result, is that you have to be…

Digital Signage
How to use digital signage to enhance your event or exhibition

The days of static billboards and ad posters are fading away, overtaken by moving screens. Using digital screens to showcase content creates a dynamic display for both video and image messaging, with the added benefit of snapshot changes on your screens, everytime you want to show off something new. Its flexibility, high-clarity and 24-7 ‘always…

Exhibition News Press Release: Incredible Evolution

Darren Poultney, managing director of Smart AV, talks to Annie Byrne about the launch of IPG and growing his company organically without losing quality In an industry where presentation is everything, companies are constantly looking to the latest cutting-edge technology to meet clients’ demands. Priding itself on its relationships within all areas of the industry,…

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Twitter for events – how to devise a killer strategy

To generate maximum value from event content, it’s important to integrate social media communications at every step of the way. Even if you aren’t tweeting about your event you can bet your attendees are. Therefore if you want to control, review and learn from your event then you need to start with devising a killer…

Tips for producing great content at your next event

The potential for gathering content from an event is huge and makes for fantastic marketing and publicity material before, during and after the event. A staggering amount of people now ‘live online’ and sharing engaging, high-quality content with your event audience is crucial if you want to engage with them not just during the show,…


Smart AV announces the launch of the Incredible Pixel Group Leading AV specialist Smart AV today announces the launch of the Incredible Pixel Group (IPG). IPG is a full-service technology solutions provider that brings together the company’s four primary business divisions, namely Smart AV, Smart Digital, Smart Solutions and Poken, to deliver a suite of…

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