Event TV

Our unique event TV solution enables organisers to have their own dynamic content channel broadcast throughout an event or exhibition, via a network of cutting edge screens, indoor and out, and to mobile devices and through event apps.

Event TV offers a vibrant mix of daily highlights, information, interviews, social media and live show reporting, and gives advertisers the chance to promote themselves in synergy with the event itself, amongst an engaged event audience.

We deliver a complete service from scheduling, filming, and editing, to providing the latest AV technology. Our custom solution is based on a detailed assessment of event objectives, enabling us to recommend the most suitable content and technology.

Event TV gives event organisers the ability to deliver live broadcasts and update their messaging in real-time, enabling them to communicate with multiple audiences throughout the event space.

The video content we film at events enables organisers to capture the exclusive insight of the thought-leaders they have brought together, and use it to engage their global audiences through digital marketing channels.

Our unique product showcases advertiser content in a native environment, and maximises the audience reach through extended distribution channels that include links to local hotels, streaming on the web, mobile delivery through event apps and dynamic e-newsletters.

Event TV delivers

  • A dynamic and flexible channel for communication
  • High-quality thought-leadership content
  • Real-time broadcasting from the show floor
  • High impact branding and a better experience for exhibitors and sponsors
  • A strategic tool for driving traffic to key areas, stands or websites
  • The ability to communicate with all audiences at the event
  • The opportunity to change messages during the event & for each new day