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How to use digital signage to enhance your event or exhibition

Digital Signage

The days of static billboards and ad posters are fading away, overtaken by moving screens. Using digital screens to showcase content creates a dynamic display for both video and image messaging, with the added benefit of snapshot changes on your screens, everytime you want to show off something new. Its flexibility, high-clarity and 24-7 ‘always on’ capabilities make digital signage one of the key aspects of any live event environment. Here are some of the ways you can use digital signage to enhance your next event or exhibition:




You can use digital signage to stream content straight from the event floor, keeping audiences updated with relevant information. This could include anything from interviews and footage of the event as it happens, to event highlights, overhead drone footage and interviews with key influencers and stand personnel. Maximise the number of people watching by using screens in hotels to broadcast footage, in order to gain additional publicity.



Real-time updates

Digital signage allows you to keep attendees up-to-date with parts of the event that they may otherwise miss in a vast event space. In the same vein, your digital signage can stream live social media feeds, bringing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube together into one seamless hub of realtime information. Motivate your attendees to tweet with a hashtag that’s unique to your event by streaming their messages onto the screens at viewing points around the venue in order to encourage engagement and let attendees feel personally involved in the communications.


High Impact Branding

Digital signage provides high-impact advertising for your brand within a native environment. From small individual screens, through to outdoor LED walls, it’s a medium that puts your brand front and centre of the activity surrounding the event. Visibility is a key aspect for businesses at events, in order to attract eyeballs and make the highest return on their investment into the show – high-impact branding opportunities are some of the most accessible ways to do this.



Digital signage creates clear, digital signposts to help attendees make their way around the event. These could be static maps on a screen, or interactive digital wayfinding, which will draw people in with sophisticated touch-technology that they will love interacting with.



Integrated solutions

Since digital signage at its most basic, consists of screens, the combinations and possibilities of the network they can create are endless. Advertising networks can be combined with interactive social media streams, along with digital wayfinding and interactive touchpoints where information can be selected and emailed to the attendee’s personal email address, live during the event.



These are just a few of the ways you can creatively utilise digital signage and boost your event in 2015. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you to integrate digital signage into your next event. We’re ready to help you get creative, combining and attracting crowds.



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