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How to succeed with Event TV: a guidebook

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Exhibitions, tradeshows and conferences are breaking new ground, providing an ever more vibrant environment for attendees, in which they experience all that the event has to offer in real-time, and across multiple channels. Technology is enabling this 360 degree experience, with sophisticated AV and digital tools delivering every part of the event to continually connected attendees.

In 2016 providing good video content for attendees and video broadcast opportunities for exhibitors is essential, as studies show that video is preferred to and consistently more effective than other forms of content, now accounting for around 69% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco).

So a key medium for the up-to-the-minute event experience is video, and the primary platform that enables event organisers to deliver such a forward-looking digital experience is event TV.

Event TV

Event TV is a dynamic broadcast channel that transmits real-time and pre-planned video content across screens throughout the concourse of an event and online. It’s part of a pre-, live-, and post-event marketing strategy that provides organisers and exhibitors with a multitude of content to repurpose and share with their audiences. It’s a platform that can be monetised, adding value to the event, while remaining affordable for organisers.

Benefits for organisers using event TV

Organisers can use event TV to deliver a cutting-edge experience for attendees and exhibitors, increasing satisfaction all round. They can utilise the opportunity to broadcast on a state-of-the-art screen network at the event, and through web and social media channels beyond it, to grow their network and increase demand from potential visitors for the years ahead. They are able to take advantage of the unique opportunities that their event provides for capturing thought-leadership video content for themselves, their exhibitors and their attendees. In some cases they are also able to grow an additional revenue stream through on-air advertising on their network.

Benefits for exhibitors using event TV

Using an event as the canvas on which to capture video content not only benefits organisers but also offers an excellent opportunity for exhibitors, for whom an event is often their biggest showcase. By enabling them to create and broadcast expert video content, you can help them to increase their ROI, both within the show and beyond. Exhibitors who use event TV benefit from a dynamic channel on which to showcase their brans, expertise, and news, driving awareness and bringing customers to their stands. They are able to utilise expert films crews provided by the event organisers, and capture the insights and expertise of their business leaders and customers while they are all in one place.

Benefits for visitors using event TV

For visitors event TV provides a connected experience in which they can enjoy the whole event from wherever they are situated. They receive breaking news, even if it is happening three halls away, and find out about interesting activities, products and key messages. Post-event, they are able to watch insights from the industry leaders they saw and those they missed, and share them with their colleagues. Able to engage in a continuing conversation across social media and other digital channels, they have a more in-depth and personal experience of the event and can demonstrate the value derived from it.

Download the expert event TV guidebook

As you can see, the benefits of employing an event TV channel extend across all areas and dimensions of your event. Smart Digital is the leading event TV provider for the global exhibition, tradeshow and conference industry. We have produced a full guide that will help you learn how to provide an event TV channel for your next event.

In our event TV guidebook through six key chapters you’ll learn:

  • How to plan your event TV solution.
  • How to deliver a high-impact video channel across your event estate.
  • How to cover all angles of your event and beyond – taking coverage to social media, websites, video blogs and other digital media channels.
  • How to develop your event TV channel in a year-round engagement strategy that will attract and retain interest and increase rebook for your event.
  • How to integrate event TV into your post-show marketing and communications strategy, including your website, email and YouTube channel strategies.

To download your event TV guidebook, click here


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