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How Using Video Increases Exhibitor Rebook

Using video to secure exhibitor rebook

Securing exhibitor rebook has always been a high priority for event organisers and meeting professionals. Often, the best time to do this is at the event itself. When exhibitors are present, you are already thinking about the future event lifecycle and the exhibitor and brand experience is front and centre of mind.

With many turning to digital channels, the current perception of live experiences can make this more difficult. It is the job of today’s event organiser to employ a sophisticated arsenal of tools to ensure that the live event experience is perceived as a key platform through which to build relationships and close business.

Exhibitor rebook and event TV

Event TV is a dynamic broadcast channel that transmits real-time and pre-planned video content across screens throughout the concourse of an event and online. It’s part of a pre-, live-, and post-event marketing strategy that provides exhibitors with a multitude of content to repurpose and share with their audiences. It’s a platform that can be monetised, adding value to the event, while remaining affordable for organisers and their exhibitors.

Using event TV not only captures and broadcasts exhibitor content throughout the event, but also offers an excellent opportunity for organisers to prove ROI, minutes after show ends to encourage exhibitor rebook. With event TV, organisers are privy to a selection of videos which can be interspersed with statistics on engagement, attendance and sales made, all of which make an enticing offering for an exhibitor considering rebook.

Organisers are able to utilise expert film and editing crews to capture the sights and sounds of the entire show and create an end of event showreel which gives exhibitors all of the information they need to make an informed rebook decision.

This video can be played across the halls on final show day, or as exhibitors pack up, allowing them to get a feel for how the show went before it has ended.

The use of video and an event TV platform can help improve exhibitor experience, increase ROI and give organisers a portfolio of statistics on engagement and interaction that can garner interest in the next show ahead.

Statistics on how many attendees there were, what they viewed, how much information they took away and how many stands have already been rebooked. Custom information such as special offers and discount on rebook can also be incorporated, with visual countdowns and messaging that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to exhibitors still at the show.


Some of the other benefits of using an event TV video platform to encourage exhibitor rebook include:


Video is by far more compelling then text alone! It captures attention and requires little on the part of the viewer. This is twofold; an event TV platform used throughout the show to capture exhibitor insights and key interviews provides exhibitors with rich content that they can engage audiences with all year round. At the same time, it provides organisers with a rich depiction of the event where exhibitors can see, hear and take in the event aura which will entice them to want to rebook for the next show ahead.

By using video as a way to engage exhibitors into the rebook process, it provides a more intimate experience and gives a well-rounded view that a web page or stats sheet alone just cannot provide.

Furthermore, exhibitors can use the video as a 1-2 minute overview that they can send to their CEOs and other key executives who may not have been able to attend the event, therefore making the message more accessible.

Rather than reading stats, the exhibitor and their team can see them, designed in a more visual way. The result? They can picture themselves there and are able to make a decision – fast, on whether they should ensure exhibitor rebook for the year ahead.


Within events, exhibitors are often stuck on their stand and miss seeing the wealth of activity going on around them. From keynotes, to breakout sessions, entertainment and launches, there is often more to the preparation and execution of the event than meets the eye. For organisers, video provides an opportunity to capture insights from every corner of the event. This content can then be made into a showreel and targeted specifically at exhibitors to give them a 360-degree view of the show. It can be enhanced with captions, notes and bullet points that annotate the areas and guide the viewer through the experience.

This allows organisers to ensure that all of the incentives and concepts they work on throughout the entire event cycle are placed forefront of the exhibitor’s mind when it comes to making a decision on rebook. For the exhibitor, they are able to see any opportunities they may have missed that can be incorporated into their planning and marketing schedule for the year ahead.

Social proof

Anyone can write and publish a testimonial, but video testimonials cannot be fabricated. Using video at your event to capture and interview thought-leaders and attendees on their perception of the show can create powerful social proof that the exhibitor should rebook for another year.

These could be the testimonials that help sway an exhibitor’s decision who may be in two minds about whether to book now or consider later. Video testimonials filmed live at the event also capture that buzz that only comes when you are in the thick of the show with exhibitors and visitors alike, buoyed up with atmosphere and success.

Video testimonials create rich social proof that your event was exactly as depicted and creates visceral reactions in the minds of those watching. Allowing you to increase exhibitor rebook rates and your exhibitors to make an informed decision.

Extending reach

Once created, video can be shared across industry associations, websites, press releases, social media channels, email communications and blogs. It makes excellent material for exhibitors who are looking to extend the reach of their event presence.

By providing exhibitors with video content from the show, both exhibitors and organisers can amplify their reach and therefore gain more mileage from their exhibiting experience.

As well as being a useful tool during the event itself, video is an essential part of most organisation’s marketing and content strategy outside of the event.

Google’s universal search showcases video content on the first page and prominently above the fold. Video content is much more likely to generate first page rankings than traditional SEO methods.

Creating event videos for exhibitors to use and repurpose gives them huge opportunity to attract organic search traffic and raise their profile ready for the next time they exhibit with you.

Proving ROI

A key consideration of many exhibitors is how to prove the ROI of their event presence. Event TV and video collateral provides a tangible way in which they can monitor the success of their exhibition stand. Rather than looking at how many attendees they spoke to during the event, they can also see statistics on who engaged with their event video during and post event, how many shares they had, what the reach was across social media and a whole host of other statistics.

This means their investment in the event doesn’t just stay with the event itself. Instead, it continues to work hard for them after the event, through the rich video collateral that is sent out to all attendees (even those they may have missed during the show). It also works through video players which can be embedded onto their websites, through the video they can use to raise engagement and reach on social media and the leads they can accumulate from the videos alone.

All creating a rich list of metrics which can be used to analyse their event performance and reach and improve their chances of rebook for another year.

The nostalgia effect

Events are incredibly intimate experiences that play on the human emotions that come along with the power of face-to-face interactions. Capturing these in video format will increase nostalgia for exhibitors.

A short video sent post-show, brings exhibitors back into the moment they were at the event. Invoking the same emotions, smells and touches and reminding them why they were there in the first place. This creates a second touchpoint through which rebook can be achieved.


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