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The Importance of Capturing Evergreen Event Content: Part 1


Evergreen. It’s one of those marketing ‘buzzwords’ that seems to be used often, but what does it truly mean and how relevant is it to your event?


What makes event content evergreen?

The difference between ‘evergreen’ and ‘non-evergreen’ content is that you can re-use and repurpose the former long after your event ends and it will still remain relevant to your audience. Evergreen content is designed to be timeless, without date stamps or any type of ‘real time’ reference that will anchor it to a specific occasion or place, which won’t be relevant three months down the line.

The benefit of this type of content is that it can be reused and repurposed in many different ways, for a long time after the event; ensuring that you receive the largest return possible on the investment spent on producing it.


Why you need an evergreen event strategy 

With most events being yearly, or bi-yearly, it’s important to design a strategy that allows you to engage with your customers at every stage of the lifecycle. Evergreen content will drive traffic to your website and promotional materials all year round – even when the event is over. It will give you great content to share across social media, to use in case studies and will build repetition and trust with your audience. Because evergreen content doesn’t date, the cost of acquiring customers is much lower than it would be for a one off piece and this will allow you to bolster new and existing attendees all year round.




Examples of evergreen content

Evergreen content is characterised by its ability to remain relevant, interesting and of value to both event organiser and event attendee, or to brand and customer. Some examples of evergreen content that we look to help clients produce with our Event TV platform include:

Interviews with key executives – with all of your key company executives onsite and dressed in their best, this is a great time to create an overview of your company, or to discuss industry trends and future plans (example here of one recorded at our recent Pop Up event).

First-hand testimonials from customers – an event or exhibition is an ideal canvas to build a buzz around your stand and seek out customers who are happy to share what makes your company great. Our roving reporters often help capture this in an authentic format.

Event showreels – an event showreel allows you to build a strong association between your company and the event but doesn’t have to be linked to a specific year. This makes it perfect event collateral to showcase your company and products all year round.

How to demonstrations for hands on industries, ‘how to’ type demonstrations are a great way to introduce your skills and products. Capturing this within a live event environment makes for an exciting, realistic backdrop, while producing content that remains evergreen for years to come.


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