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How and Why Agencies Should Offer Video Packages

How agencies can offer video packages

In a recent study, representations from both agencies and brands agreed that video has become an ever-more-pressing issue. Brands are keen to have video content to share and agencies are aware of how crucial video production is as a service to offer alongside traditional content creation.

Yet despite the shifting landscape that sees video as a growing trend, many brands are still struggling to adopt video as part of a comprehensive content strategy.

How agencies can provide more appealing video packages for clients

So how can agencies help brands to create more video, while retaining the exclusivity that makes them such valuable partners?

Often, we find that it is the framework that is missing, not the potential.

Brands have a huge amount of opportunity to capture and create video. From events, to product launches and meetings with key executives; all offer the perfect circumstance to collect video marketing content.

Marketers in-house at such brands recognise the potential too. 85% of companies find video marketing ‘very successful’ or ‘somewhat successful’ as a marketing strategy. Additionally, studies repeatedly show that video increases email open rate, reduces web bounce rate, improves time spent on page and leads to more direct conversions.

There is a clear case for all brands to be creating more video as standard. So what are the blockers that agencies can help brands move past to get the cameras rolling?

Lack of strategy – out of all those who have a content marketing strategy, how many have a video strategy? If they do, the strategy is often undocumented. Producing video content needs a team to own it and take it forward, whether that team is an extension of the agency or within the agency itself.  Offering this as an additional package to traditional web advertising or social media content which agencies are perfectly placed to deliver.

Lack of opportunity – video content is often perceived as being more high maintenance to create than web, blog or social content. The equipment and specialist resource required to create high quality video can be expensive and difficult to source.

Lack of expertise – full service advertising agencies may not be affordable to most brands, whereas marketing agencies often lack specific video expertise. This can hold back both parties; the agencies who want to offer video and the brands that need it.

Fortunately, it is becoming more and more acceptable to hire video specialists that have the ability and the expertise needed to help agencies and brands pass all three of these roadblocks.

A white label video content creation service

Many agencies now invite a third-party content partner to plug in to their model, providing a white labelled video service that can be offered to clients. This suits both parties. Brands do not have to manage a separate agency and video supplier; agencies are able to extend their portfolio and offering.

The benefit of this is twofold; the agency is able to pull on its own skillsets of strategy, direction, content creation and distribution. While doing so, the partner is able to offer a full video content creation process, from storyboarding to creating media channels and social media updates. This allows the agency to have control over the creative process and provides clients with a specialist team whose sole job is video.

Working with a third-party allows the agency to provide the service as part of its own repertoire yet still be agile and reactive to client briefs without the pressure of a full time team.

Hiring video specialists also means that the content is right first time around. In situations such as events, you only get one chance to capture rich video footage. A third-party content partner will see the opportunity, organise the onsite deployment and edit the finished product, ready for distribution across multiple channels. Often on the same day.

This could be anything from interviewing key executives, to capturing product demos and organising highlights or daily show reels.

At Smart Digital we work with creative agencies as an extension of their service, allowing them to capture their own work in action for case studies and hero content, and provide clients with rich video footage.

This enables agencies to offer high-quality video campaigns for online, corporate, marketing and internal communications, ensuring that clients receive a higher ROI, a more engaged audience and a better overall experience when working with an agency.

If you are an agency looking for a video partner service like our client in the video below, contact today.

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